1,400 persons diagnosed with epilepsy in the Upper West Region in 2018 half year

UWR Mental Health Coordinator, Randy Sedem

The Upper West Regional Coordinator for Mental Health Mr. Randy Sedem, has revealed that 1,400 persons in the Region have been diagnosed with epilepsy this year from January to June 2018.

He described the development as “sad to note that even though epilepsy is not a mental illness, it carries the biggest chunk of our load and so our burden of disease as far as epilepsy is concern is very huge. We have about 1,400 people having epilepsy.”

He also revealed that 500 persons were also diagnosed with schizophrenia during the same period.

165 other persons were also diagnosed with depression and 150 persons were also found to be abusing various substances.

Mr. Randy Sedem made this known to Progress News in an exclusive interview as the world celebrates Mental Health Day.

He said clearly a lot needs to be done to attend to the mental health needs of the people in the region by the Mental Health Unit.

Mr. Randy Sedem however called on parents to do away with the culture of children seen and not heard.

“You are supposed to keep quiet and tolerate all the insults and all the bad things that will be said about you, because once you talked back it show you don’t respect. And so we say a child is seen…so you will be seen but you will never get heard and that is how come when adults abused children is difficult for them to speak out.”

The regional mental health coordinator said it is time that society begins to see how to improve the mental health of young people noting that young people are the working force of the country.


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