62 years of independence a remarkable thing to celebrate – Naa Robert Loggah

Naa Robert Loggah

The Chief of Tibani, Naa Robert Loggah has stated that 62 years of independence is a remarkable achievement for Ghana to celebrate.

He said Ghanaians in 1957 accepted the challenge to solve their own problems and the country has chalked some successes over the period though there is still more room for improvement.

Naa Robert Loggah said the British employed the divide and rule system and it was a bold step for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to lead the country to independence.

The Chief of Tibani made this known to Progress News in an exclusive interview on Monday ahead of the 62nd Independence Day celebration on Wednesday, 6th March, 2019.

He revealed that at the time Ghana attained independence, he was twelve years old and one remarkable achievement for him was the improvement in access to education in the northern part of the Ghana.

Naa Robert Loggah said in 1952 when he was in primary one, Wa had only one primary school in Wechiau and the Upper Region also had one secondary school.

Naa Robert Loggah commenting on the essence of the theme for the celebration of this year’s Independence Day applauded the people of Dagbon for giving peace a chance.

He said peace would help facilitate the development of Dagbon.

On 6 March 1957, the Gold Coast (now known as Ghana) gained independence from Britain.

Ghana became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and was led to independence by Kwame Nkrumah who transformed the country into a republic, with himself as president.

The country was the first to gain independence from European colonialism.

This year’s national independence parade will be held in Tamale under the theme ‘celebrating peace and unity’.

The parade is normally held at the Black Star Square in Accra whilst districts in other regions hold their own marches in their capitals.

The government has said the 62nd Independence Day is being held in the Northern Region in commemoration of the Dagbon unity.

After decades of conflict, peace prevailed when a new Yaa-Naa was chosen.


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