The acting country executive director for the Savana Development Policy a Think Tank based in the northern part of the country and former deputy upper west regional minister under NDC, Abu Kabienbata Kasangabata has called on all MMDCES to do routing visits to health facilities to have first-hand information for themselves, this he said will help them to be equipped with challenges facing the health centres in their districts.


The director made the comments on a telephone interview with Radio Progress Super Morning Drive host, Muniru Ibrahim (ib) on Thursday when he was responding to information that he has appealed to government and NGOS in the country to support Fian Health Centre which is the only health referral Centre in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district of the upper west region

Savannah Development Policy think tank, a non-governmental organization based in Tamale as part of its core mandatory role to ensuring quality health delivery system in the Northern part of Ghana and monitor performance of the health system in the zone has extended a passionate appeal to the government, development partners and philanthropic organizations to come to aid of communities in the area to support them with mattresses and beds for the children.

Speaking to Abu K.K this morning he said some two NGOS has responded to his call to provide some mattress and blankets to the health Centre.

He called on all concern citizens who can support the development of the district to come and support, according to him, government alone cannot provide all the needs of the people

Two weeks ago, the former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister supplied more than 3,000 exercise books to basic schools in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District.


He Sid that the books were distributed to both primary and Junior High Schools (JHS) in the Fian, Wogu and lssa communities.

He said the donation was a “personal project” and formed part of a broader plan to reach out to seven communities with 7,000 exercise books to promote teaching and learning in deprived schools and communities.

The Primary and JHS at Issa took delivery of 640 exercise books while Fian schools had 580 with those at Wogu receiving 700 of the books.

Mr Kansangbata said, “I have also adopted all the seven schools, to sponsor their mock exams for the next four years,” adding, each teacher who handles a course would also be provided with textbooks to facilitate lesson delivery.

“This is just to give back to society to enable vulnerable children to also climb up the academic ladder.

“Our area is a bit deprived area that needs to enhance the human resource base, [and] obviously education is the starting point.

“My target is seven communities that would benefit 7,000 excise books,” he stressed, “This is a personal project.”



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