Basic school teacher touts double tract system


A basic school teacher in the Wa East district of the Upper West region, Mr. Isahaku Bomi has touted the double track system which will be roll out by government in September this year at the Senior High School (SHS) level.

The double track system divides the entire student body and staff into two different tracks so that while one track is in school, the other is on vacation.

Mr. Isahaku said the policy will among other things increase the number of contact hours students will have with their teachers thereby raising the required standards in our education sector.

This comes after Government is finalizing steps to start the double-track or semester system to boost enrollment under its flagship free Senior High School (SHS) education programme.

In furtherance, on Saturday, July 21, Education Minister, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh made revelations about the modus operandi of the policy at a sensitization programme organized for education directors, heads of Senior High Schools and Public Relation Officers in the education sector.

According to the teacher, he does not think that quality of education will be compromised as envisaged by many in the wake of low performance recorded in many Senior High Schools.

Meanwhile, the Assemblies of God Ghana says it is in full support of the double-track education system because it is an innovative way to address challenges associated with Senior High School (SHS) education.

General Superintendent, Reverend Professor Paul Frimpong Manso, who declared the support of the church described it as a smart move to address congestion in the classrooms.

“We are in full support of any education drive provided it becomes national and people from all walks of life are allowed to bring their ideas.

“Apart from reducing the pressure on the existing educational infrastructure, the double-track intake system is a smart move to address congestion in classrooms and also to ensure that no Ghanaian child who qualifies to go to school is left behind,” he said.

The Assemblies of God Ghana is the second to declare support for the double-track system after the Methodist Church.

Speaking at the 29th Biennial General Council Meeting in Kumasi on Tuesday, Prof Frimpong Manso also urged Ghanaians to embrace the system.

President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was the Special Guest at the ceremony and said he is determined to ensure senior high school becomes the minimum level for every Ghanaian child.

“Education is a tool for development; not for self-serving partisan political debates,” the President said.

He called for the total commitment of all stakeholders to make the Free Senior High School programme a success.

“No matter where they are in Ghana; no matter the circumstances of their parents they have access to education. We don’t know the village that will produce the Ghanaian Einstein and if we have that perspective, then we will support the initiative that will make it possible,” the President said during a speech.


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