CEO of Big ajar touts harrowing as a good farming practice


The chief executive officer of Big Ajar farms Alhaj Abdulrahman Tawfiq has hinted that the best way to keep the farmlands healthy to support plant life is to engage in the practice of total harrowing before sowing of seeds.

Speaking on the agricultural segment of the super morning drive, Abdul Rahaman Tawfiq underscored the importance of harrowing saying that it allows for the leveling of any piece of land to be used for planting. He said harrowing will also loosen the soil structures to permit easy sprouting of young plants.

According to him whenever a farmer harrows the farmable areas some hidden bacteria and fungus underground will surface and die as the sun hits back on them.

Contrarily to what some farmers think, the concept of harrowing is a practice that reduces the cost involved in the preparation of the land for planting.

big-ajar-2-287x300 CEO of Big ajar touts harrowing as a good farming practice

He used the opportunity to advise farmers to choose the right type of seed for their plants or crop types to ensure high yields.

He said often than not, many farmers will simply sow any seed on their farmlands without considering the outcomes. Farmers should understand why they put a particular crop onto their farm.


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