Community Radio Journalists advice to be non-partisan


Lawrence Naaikuur, lecturer, University for Development Studies, Wa campus has advised journalists working in Community Radio stations to stay away from partisan politics and do their work without taking sides.

He mentioned that a survey he conducted showed that there is no community radio station in Ghana that meets the standard neutralization of partisanship noting that most of the staff has aligned to some political parties.

progress-1-300x284 Community Radio Journalists advice to be non-partisan

Radio progress is a rural development – oriented community radio station in the Upper West Region.  It is operated by a local based registered company limited by guarantee known as the Mass Media for Development (M.M.D) and is located in Wa at a popular place called old mission. The station was established in February 1997 and is broadcasting on the frequency 98.1fm.

As the first radio station in the region, seventy percent of the total population of the Upper West Region listen to Radio Progress who are mostly poor farming families and small entrepreneurs with low income and education.

progress-1-300x284 Community Radio Journalists advice to be non-partisan  progress-1-300x284 Community Radio Journalists advice to be non-partisan

Lawrence Naaikuur said journalists are also people from the society and have the right to belong to a political party of their choice but the manner in which they conduct themselves in their work side is against the moral principles of community radio and media in general.

The Lecturer made this known over the weekend during an In-Service Training Workshop organized by the management of Radio Progress to mark the 23rd anniversary of the station.

He however, called on Journalists to be careful with the way they conduct themselves not to show any political interest that would destroy their future and the Community as a whole.

He added that,if a community radio worker wants to contest partisan elections,you have top resign from the station but can contest for assembly elections and still be  a staff of the station



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