Dasima gets New Chief


The President of the Gwollu Traditional Council, Kuoro Kuri-Buktie Limann IV, today in a colourful event coronated Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Fuo Barson V as the Dasima Kuoro. In the welcome address read by Mr Henry Barson, he made mention of a lot of Tourism  potentials the Dasima community is endowed with. The Gbale Game Reserve is an example, he said. The community has equally got challenges, of which some are, bad road network, incompleted One village one dam among others.

Speaking after being enskinned by the President of the Gwollu Traditional Council as the Chief for Dasima community and a Divisional chief, Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Fuo Barson V thanked the Landlords for giving the opportunity to lead the community as well as all invited. He again made clear some thematic areas his regin was going to touch on for the next 10 years.

These areas include; Education, Health, Poverty reduction and Discipline.

Kuoro Barson stated that, he will have quarterly meetings with the school, PTA and Landlords of the community to improve their educational standards. In the area of Health, I will talk to the District Director of the Health services to post a midwife to the community aid delivery.

” I will engage NGOs to help our women for shear nuts picking is the activity they engage in as well as farming to get ready and good markets for their produce”. Kuoro Barson said.

Speaking on behave of the president of the upper west  regional house of chiefs, the registra stated to the newly coronated Dasima Kuoro some code of ethics for chiefs of which some are; chiefs are banned from active politics, chiefs are not to eat,drink or smoke in public, chiefs must conduct themselves in such a manner that will not lead to their conviction as stated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana among others.He added that, for Dasima kuoro operate statutoryly, he has to be registered to enable him serve on some committees in the region.

Hon Patrick Alhassan Adama, the Member of Parliament for the Sissala west in his address admonished that, Paramount Chiefs play a role of giving him wise counsel as MP and sometimes criticize  him for going astray. “As a person from this area, I will do everything possible for the Dasima community” He added. The MP added that, the road from Jeffisi to Dasima will be reshaped, he assured the people of Duwie and Dasima.

Hon Zakaria Bakor Mahammed, the DCE for the Sissala west district in a speech read for the Regional Minister, said Chiefdom stands for peace as almost all the speakers have stated. He added that as a region, they are ready to help the Dasima Traditional Area.

He thanked all the Paramount chiefs present and added his own message after the regional minister’s message. He added that, any community without a Chief, is not a good community.

He again express his joy as the newly enskined Dasima Kuoro is an In-law, emphasis on the MP’s assurance of their road’s nature. I will ensure that your concerns are channeled to my boss the Regional Minister. We recently released the keys to the relocated Gbale community to their new home and I thank the people of Dasima for giving out land and the Gbale community for the resettlement plans.

In attendance was the Paramount chief of the Gwollu Traditional area, Paramount chief of the Pulima Traditional area, Bulenge Chief among others.



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