Deputy minister praises late Ambassador


The deputy upper west regional minister Hon. Amidu Issahaku Chinia has taking to his personal Facebook wall to shower  praises on the late Ambassador, Sahanun Mogtari who until his dimes was a Council of State member .

Ambassador Sahanun died  after short illness on the 21st October,2019  at the Upper Regional Hospital.

Bellow is his message

SAHANUN-192x300 Deputy minister praises late AmbassadorAmbassador Sahanun was such a great personality whose absence will be felt hugely in the Upper West and Ghana as a whole. This is a man who does not pretend but speaks his mind all the time without fear or favour. The NPP party will miss you especially your conviction of thought and I will personally miss you. You were a mentor . We will celebrate your life because you have achieved so much and you cannot be forgotten in our history for the great land Mark’s that you made. You served as regional secretary of the Npp from 1992 up to 2001. In your days as regional secretary it was a scary position to occupy considering the political environment where almost every body in the region was NDC and in some cases PNC. Wa central where you come from was particularly dominated by NDC and it could have only taken a brave man like you to be regional secretary and face the full force of the NDC with incumbency advantage. You stood your grounds inspite of the difficulties you and others were confronted with in the region. You became regional minister in 2001and again demonstrated your commitment to the region. You were very instrumental in the completion of the famous Wa- Bamboi road that gave relief to travellers using the road. You faced a lot of opposition in getting Wa UDS campus started but you stood your grounds and even offered your newly constructed office to start the Wa campus. Today thousands of people have benefited from your sweat to get the campus established by way of education and Wa town has witnessed unprecedented development following the establishment of the campus in Wa. When it came to making Wa campus an autonomous campus you played a central role both in public and in private to get the campus autonomous status. As a teacher you have impacted many lives and opened the frontiers of education in the region. Just four days to your demise you took part in an educational forum in Wa to review our performance and your passion for an improvement in educational standards was so inspiring. As Ghana’s ambassador to Burkina Faso you undertook some key initiatives to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. I once told you that you are a successful man because you have worked in diverse positions and in all the positions you have distinguished yourself. We will remember you as a very strong personality, as a man who stood by his words, as a man who doesn’t pretend, as a fearless man , as a man of integrity and above all as a man who was passionate of development. For the above and many things you did as a teacher, regional secretary of NPP, Regional Minister, Ambassador to Burkina Faso and a member of the council of state you are a legend who cannot be forgotten in our and Ghana as a whole. Rest in peace Ambassador Sahanun Mogtar. We love you but God loves more.


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