Divisional chiefs and queen mothers sensitized on the need to protect economic trees


The Upper West Regional House of Chiefs held a one day sensitization workshop at their office auditorium at Wa-Sombo for divisional chiefs and Queen mother’s on the need to protect economic trees in their communities.

The traditional leaders numbering about 60 were drawn from Wa and Lawra zones. Some of the economic trees that need to be protected from being destroyed include shea, dawadawa, tamarine, baobob among others.

According to the Research Officer at the UWR House of Chiefs, the project is being sponsored by an NGO based in Bolga known as Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS).

He said the aim of the project is to sensitize the chiefs to see the need to initiate the process of making bylaws that will prevent people from destroying these economic and medicinal trees.

The Queen mother of Daffiama-Kyakale Pognaa Mwinmaalo Grace Dassah said one way of reducing the cutting of trees is for government to empower the women financially to engage in shea butter extraction and other ventures so that they will not cut the shea trees for charcoal.

The Queen mother of Duori in the Waala traditional council Pognaa Amamata Mumuni advocated for gas to be subsidized for women in the five regions of the Northern Ghana. She said that will facilitate the use of gas for cooking in their homes instead of cutting trees for firewood or charcoal for cooking.

She also called on the Forestry Commission to stop giving permits to business firms to come and harvest trees in the Savanna regions of the country but rather support the chiefs to monitor and arrest those cutting the economic trees.

The Registrar of the UWR House of Chiefs John Babiine in his welcome address urged the chiefs and queens to take the good news to their people so that they can together enforce the bylaws when they are made in order to protect economic and medicinal trees in their traditional areas.


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