Double Track System is not necessary- Dr Tuurosung

Dr Damasus Tuurosung

The Head of African and General Studies, University for Development Studies (UDS), Dr Damasus Tuurosung has asserted that the double track education system introduced by the government is not necessary.

The policy has become necessary because government does not have enough infrastructure to accommodate the huge enrollment rates since it implemented its free SHS policy.

The double track is being implemented in at least 400 out of more than 670 public schools.

The double track policy splits a class into two streams with one starting while the other waits.

So a General Arts class of say 98 students will be divided to have a first batch of 46 students known as the Green Track and the other known as the Gold Track.

The vice President of Ghana National Association of Private Schools speaking on Radio Progress Super Morning Drive stated that if government had listen to the association and other organizations advice, they would not have introduced the policy.

He made reference to the free senior high school implementation that was criticize by many and yet government went ahead with its implementation. The problems that bedeviled the free senior high school would not have arisen if government had listen to the advice of stakeholders in the education system.

He said government cannot back track on the implementation of the free senior high school policy despite its challenges because it was a campaign promise. Dr Tuurosung asserted that the introduction of the double track system is only because government failed to do broader consultation before the implementation of the free senior high school.

He also touched on the performance at the basic level and the need for politicians to leave the education sector especially policy making for educationist to handle.

“Performance at the basic level is not the too good and everybody knows that. The West African Examination Council is even trying to reduce their making scheme…we have always said that politicians should leave education for educationist.’’

He said Ghana has attempted various educational policies but have no consistent and well thought out education policy that every government must follow.

Dr. Tuurosung described the policies of various governments as populist policies that only seek to please people at the time being.





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