Ending open defecation will reduce levels of poverty-Madam Emma Kpeno

Madam Emma Kpeno-Pronet North

Madam Emma Kpeno with Pronet North, a non-governmental organization based in the Wa Municipality has stated that ending open defecation in the Wa Municipality will help reduce the level of poverty in the municipality and facilitate development.

She said development will be retard if the municipality is engulfed with filth and people continue to defecate in the open.

She indicated that residents would not be at risk of sanitation related diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid if open defecation is stopped in the municipality.

Madam Emma Kpeno noted that people can now tend to prioritize their resources and not use their money to seek health care due to bad sanitation practices.

She applauded residents in Bosuoyir, Kpankole, Sanchiga, Kadoli, charingu and Mojong for putting up latrines in almost every household.

PRONET-INSERT-300x169 Ending open defecation will reduce levels of poverty-Madam Emma KpenoPRONET-INSERT-300x169 Ending open defecation will reduce levels of poverty-Madam Emma Kpeno

A World Bank report shows that 19,000 Ghanaians die annually from the effects of open defecation and its related poor sanitation diseases.

The outcome is because only one-fifth of the Ghanaian population has access to improved toilet.

The World Bank’s report goes on to point out that Ghana’s economy loses a whopping US$79 million to bad sanitation practices.

Here in the Wa Municipality, Open defecation is increasingly becoming alarming in some sections of the Wa Municipality putting residents at the risk of sanitation related diseases.

The worst part of the sanitation problem is that some people also prefer the bushes, and uncompleted buildings as places of convenience.

As at February 2017, 324 communities were declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) out of a total number of 1196 communities in the Upper West Region.

Statistics update from the Regional Environmental Health and Sanitation Department indicates that Nandom District topped the league table with 73 communities out of 88, representing 63 per cent which had been declared Open Defecation Free.

The Wa Municipality has only one community been affirmed Open Defecation Free out of its 86 communities.


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