Face mask compulsory for people stepping into Vieri market


Naa Braimah Bayong III, the divisional chief of Vieri traditional area in the Wa West district of the Upper West Region on Thursday made it compulsory for people entering the Vieri market on market days to wear face masks.

Announcing the decision the chief said wearing of facial masks can reduce the spread of coronavirus substantially.

He made the announcement when members of the Brifor Youth Association Covid-19 rapid response team paid a courtesy call on him at Vieri.

He added that it would be compulsory for anyone stepping into the market to wear a mask.

Naa Braimah indicated that he will collaborate with local authorities in the district to ensure that all traders stepping into the market on market days adhere to the directive to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The assembly member for Vieri electoral area Joseph Dri Yaaweh was emphatic that he will work within his means to ensure that traders adhere to the chief’s directive.

He also expressed worry over the increasing numbers of child marriages and elopement and called on parents to take good care of their children especially the girl child.


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