Farmers in Balawa community battle for subsidized fertilizer


Farmers in Balawa a community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region has stated that they are going through difficulties in accessing the government’s subsidized fertilizer component of the Planting for Food and Jobs policy.


Speaking to a cross section of the community yesterday, they said aside the difficulty they find in accessing the coupons, the prices of the fertilizer is also a major hurdle they have to jump over.


Tahiru is one such farmer; he stated that his maize would have done better than what it is. A look at his ten acre farm reveals healthy plants according to him that needed just a little bit of fertilizer to do better.


They are therefore calling on the Wa West District Assembly to make the fertilizer available to all farmers.


Meanwhile as the rains rises to its peak, the Balawa dam is almost overflowing its banks, but the tides are not carrying away the most sought after fishes that has become the crave for both men and women who abound in there with various kinds of nets and hooks to rake  out the fishes.


Radio Progress Head of Agriculture and Environment  Prince Daud Kaatore was at the water side to have personal information about fishing activities in the area and had a conversation with Madam Fati Abu, a fish monger in the Balawa community.


She said the fish business is such a lucrative job for her and many others in the community.


She buys the catches right at the dam and has customers who come to the community to buy from her. She also brings the rest of the fishes to the Wa market for sales.


Source : Prince Daud Kaatore


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