The secret of getting ahead is to focus your energy not on fixing and fighting yesterday, but on building and growing something new right now and Kwesi Nyantakyi is left naked alone on the scorching sun by ace investigative journalist Anas exposé.

The football community in Ghana is struggling to offer an excuse explanation to convince the average Ghanaian that Anas expose is malicious, ills-gotten, miscalculated and falsehood attempt to paint them corrupt and people who were short chaining the very existence they believed in.

Anas latest exposé labelled Number 12 has divided opinions across the country with many in support of his methodology, while others think his modus operandi should be subjected to legal scrutiny.

The people of the upper west region has held Kwesi Nyantakyi in high esteem as one of the most celebrated sons who is striving high at the international level.

Local football in the region for sometime now has grown in lips and bounces but still needs more to strives -will the sad end of Kwesi Nyantakyi as the FA president bring to end the steadily progress of football in the region?.

Football in the region needs many of the Nyantakyis to strives but has Nyantakyi paid his dues to the region, as upper west Heroes served as a springboard for Kwesi to rise to the pennicle of world football.

Many ardent followers of upper west Heroes has accused Nyantakyi in some past for deliberately supervising the “death” of Heroes to give birth to Wa AllStars, in which some keen followers of Heroes has refused reluctantly to offer their support to Nyantakyi’s new baby , Wa AllStars.

Here comes Wa AllStars that has a short division one status before gaining promotion to the elite of Ghana football- premier league.

The triumphant entry of Wa AllStars to the premiership about a decade ago ruptures the whole Wa township  into jubilation that could not last longer as a fan life was sacrificed to pave way for the sustainability of the club in the premiership.

As a young football fan , I was told how Upper West Heroes went on relegation and the circumstances leading to the demised of the club to second tier football, which the club never recovered until it nonexistence.

Many young football fans of my generation who never saw premier league football in the region before has very reason to celebrate the achievement of Nyantakyi as someone who brought us the much anticipated joy-but some keen followers of Heroes held a different opinion to that.

Wa AllStars over the years in the premiership has provided us needed football fever and our weekends are never the same during the Ghana premier league season. Aside the entertainment angle of Wa AllStars, economically, it has added iota of growth to the local economy of Wa .

Football over the world provides the common platform for all shades to come together to celebrate it impact on society and Wa AllStars has provided and continued to provide us the stitches that bind us together as a people .

Many of my generation will continue to be grateful to Nyantakyi not only for bringing us the premier league to our door steps but the club has created a platform for many young talented footballers nursing the desire for playing for Wa AllStars in the near possible future.

The debate of Nyantakyi’s commitment to the cause of Wa AllStars remains fixated in the minds of many who thought the former FIFA executive committee member could have done better by equipping the club with the needed resources that can rock shoulders with it peers in the league.

Mr Nyantakyi can’t be father  Christmas for all but his benevolence has touched the lives of many that are expected to replicate same to others for the betterment of the society.

Some people in the football community in the region has benefited tremendously from the generosity of Nyantakyi , not only taking them from the poverty equation but making them national assets where their own efforts could not even journey them a foot towards this greatness.

Many stern critics of the then Nyantakyi led administration as the FA boss are the deliberate failure and neglect to develop the grassroots football which provides the oven for baking many of our celebrated Stars.

This clearly elucidate the point that he has done less in shaping raw talents in the region as his own jevenile league Jen-jen Naa Sungmaale league was far from reality and became a nine day wonder, after surviving for a season.

Mr Nyantakyi reign as the most powerful man in Ghana football is heading towards a sad end with a possibility of a long term ban been pronounced on him by FIFA and has he paid his dues to the region…your response to the question is good as mine.


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