Fix death trap road Residents of Nator East tell government


Residents of Nator East in the Nadowli-Kaleo district have asked the government to stop lip service and empty promises and act on the death trap road from Takpo to Serekpere.

The residents claim two persons lost their lives due to the bad and sorry state of the road.

According to the residents the two individuals were in critical health conditions and were referred to the Nadowli District hospital but they died on the way due to the poor nature of the road which prevented the vehicles they were transporting the sick persons in from running a reasonable speed that could have safe the lives of the two persons.nat-300x225 Fix death trap road Residents of Nator East tell government

The residents made this known in an interaction with Progress News in the community.

An Opinion Leader in Nator, Mr.  Samba Naah expressed frustration over the deplorable state of the road.

They also called on the Nadowli/Kaleo District Assembly to extend electricity to all the seven sections in Nator.

The residents are also calling on government to construct a dam under the village one dam policy to provide jobs for the youth during the dry season


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