Inmate down with stroke doubts his ability to survive his remaining years sentence at the Wa Central Prisons


An Inmate at the Wa Central Prisons down with stroke doubts his ability to survive in prison for the remaining of his 24 years sentence.

The Inmate who was sentence in 2013 for 29 years for engaging in arm robbery has so far served five years at the Wa Central Prisons.

He said thoughts of him been in prison for the next twenty –four years with his condition was seriously affecting his health.

He stated that he has not been able to access the needed health care and food to better his condition.

He currently still depends on the food provided for the inmates and also depends on other inmates to be able to carry out his daily activities.

The inmate is therefore appealing to all in the region to assist him seek medical care at the Upper West Regional Hospital and support with some food and toiletries.

The Public Relations Officer for the Wa Central Prisons Mr. Emmanuel Djangmah, speaking with progress news also appealed to the public for support for the inmate.

He said the inmate cannot be granted amnesty because persons sentenced for armed robbery cannot be granted amnesty.


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