Laws on Corruption not vague as perceived – Senior State Attorney


A Senior State Attorney, Saeed Abdul Shakur, has stated that the laws on corruption in the country are not vague as perceived by some citizens.

He noted that the laws to curb corrupt practices were clear but curbing the practice was not about laws and their implementation but mainly about the need for people to change their attitudes.

He quoted section 240 of the criminal offence Act, 1960 Act 29 which states that a public officer, juror, or voter is guilty of corruption in respect of the duties of his office or vote, if he directly or indirectly agrees or offers to permit his conduct as such officer, juror, or voter to be influenced by the gift, promise, or prospect of any valuable consideration to be received by him, or by any other person, from any person whomsoever.

He said per the law people who are found guilty of accepting monies from aspirants of various political positions are supposed to be imprisoned for not less than five years.

The Senior State Attorney made this known on Thursday whiles addressing the Upper West Regional Youth Parliament at the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs Auditorium as part of the African Youth day celebration in the region.

youth-300x225 Laws on Corruption not vague as perceived - Senior State Attorney

This year’s celebration was under the theme “The Youth and fight against corruption.’’

The day is set aside to recognize the youth as strategic agents for social change, economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.

It also serves as an occasion to celebrate the youth and to encourage them to channel their motivation, energy and creativity towards their societies.

He cited economic insecurity and inadequate remuneration for public and private sector workers as some of the factors that influences corruption in society in recent times.

Saeed Abdul Shakur said the kind of multi –party democracy we practice currently in the country learns itself easily to corrupt practices.

Mr. Kwesi Evans Nkum with the Head office of the National Youth Authority speaking commended government for setting up the Special Prosecutors office but was quick to call on government to adequately resource anti- corruption institutions in the country to effectively deal with individuals found culpable of corrupt practices and make corruption unattractive.

He urged the youth to use the African youth day celebration as a point of departure from all forms of corruption, wrong use of ICT and Social media and the indulgence in illicit drugs and substance abuse and to continually be mindful and adopt positive and noble ideals as patriotism, hard work, communalism, volunteerism, civility and respect for the elderly to prepare and position themselves to take up the mantle of productive service in future.

Mr. Kwesi Evans Nkum also called on the youth to become active advocates against corruption and expose abuses and infractions in public financial management, within their localities whiles entreating them to eschew laziness and the get rich quick attitudes.


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