Massive rubbish engulfs Wa municipality


The administrative capital of the Upper West Region, the Wa municipality is virtually swallowed up in huge amount of filth. This can be witnessed in the abandoned refuse containers left unattended to by workers of Zoomlion Ghana limited in collaboration with the Wa municipal environmental health offices.

As to what has rendered the one time beautiful city into such a colossal park of filth baffles ones imagination. Come to think about it, I fathom discipline has departed from the rank and file of the people in the municipality.

If the arms of our time piece took us back to yesteryears, we experienced an era when residents of the municipality came out in their number on the last Saturday of every month to clean up their environment. Shops got locked and vehicles parked at their garages whiles the entire security services formed army with sanitation officers lead by former Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Nuhu Putiaha to carry out massive cleaning. This caught the attention of the then President of the country, John Dramani Mahama and he aided the implementation of what almost became a bylaw binding all residents to come out on such a day to do communal cleaning.

These glory days are gone by and now from the market square to school parks, stinking refuse has taken over the sanitation award winning town of Wa.

filth-300x226 Massive rubbish engulfs Wa municipalityfilth-300x226 Massive rubbish engulfs Wa municipality

Radio Progress checked with the municipal environmental health office only to be disappointed by the information given by Municipal Environmental health Officer Mr Augustine Batung and his vice Mr. Francis Yelyen which suggested that political interference and lack of funds from the municipal assembly is the cause of the recent mess the city is experiencing.

The PRO to the municipal assembly speaking to the issue last week said they are working seriously at getting the city safe from filth, but upon our last patrol of the town nothing has been done.

Mr. Issahaku Abdulai a private manager at urban waste has hinted of the provision of ladders to be place beneath the refuse containers by way of helping out minors and children who go to pour refuse in to the containers.

He made this revelation during an exclusive interview with Radio Progress Prince Daud Katouri last week.

He regretted about the bad ways in which some people handle refuse containers that are put at vantage points for the dumping of rubbish. He said the practice of sending children to go and empty refuse into the containers is not appropriate since these children merely dump the refuse beneath the containers because they cannot get to the top of the high containers to place the refuse therein.

Commenting on the recent remarks about non payments of arrears to some workers of Zoomlion Ghana limited Mr. Issahaku Abdulai said it is true that some workers have not been paid their wages. He however indicated that they are working seriously to pay them as soon as practicable.

It’s about time the Wa municipal assembly takes the bull by the horn and commit the needed resources to bring back cleanliness to safe one of the fast developing towns in northern Ghana.



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