NCCE engages residents of Nakore on rule of law, peace and justice, accountability and transparency in local governance


ncce-new-logo NCCE engages residents of Nakore on rule of law, peace and justice, accountability and transparency in local governanceWa Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civil Education (NCCE) has held a stakeholder sensitization and awareness durbar on rule of law, peace and Justice, accountability and transparency in local governance in Nakore, a community in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.

The community engagement seeks to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing acts of corruption, improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law.

Corruption, a global menace and related issues have dominated the public discourse in recent times. Many have had cause to lament the repeated acts of corruption in the country that is undermining good governance and Ghana’s democracy.

Addressing the durbar over the weekend, the Wa Municipal Director of NCCE Madam Akua Zakaaria stated that, the 1992 Constitution of the fourth republic of Ghana mandated government at the national and local levels to be accountable to the citizenry.

She stress that, government must encourage citizens participation in every decision making at the local level to enable them understate issues pertaining to development in that particular locality.

She added that, assembly members must also be accountable to the people they are representing at the assemblies by constantly engaging them in meetings to take their inputs and give feedback after every assembly session. This she said will go a long way to gain the citizens’ trust and interest of national development.

Madam Akua also urged voters to participate in the upcoming MMDAs election and the MMDA referendum noting that it is their constitutional right to vote which will also enable them to make the right choice of people they want represent them at the next assembly session.  

A representative from the municipal office of the Commission for Human Right and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) Mr. Sebastian Ziem, who made a presentation on misappropriation of public funds and wanton amount of corruption in both public and private sectors called on the general public to always volunteer any information of corruption to the CHRAJ office for investigation to be conducted.

He noted that, the whistle blowers Act, [Act 2006] allows people to report any matter relating to corruption and other criminal activities to CHRAJ for justice to take its course.


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