NDC woes are from the top hierarchy-John Mahama


Former President John Dramani Mahama says the problems currently facing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are from the top hierarchy and not the grassroots of the party.

Addressing polling station executives and party supporters at Wa in the Upper West Region during his campaign tour of the region, the former President noted that the NDC has a solid grassroots but same cannot be said of the top hierarchy.

The former President said since he started his tour of meeting party delegates on the grounds starting from the Central region to the Northern region and now in the Upper West Region, he has come to the realization that the NDC’s problem is not the grassroots and the ordinary members.

He observed that the  party’s problem is at the top, from the leadership because his interaction with the branch executives revealed a fired up and determined executives who are willing to work to bring the party back into power. He said the message he keep hearing from the grassroot is the leadership of the party should get united and mend their relation.

Mr. Mahama said the message of hope he keeps hearing from the grassroots gives him the encouragement that NDC is standing on strong branches, strong roots and that the party has a bright future.

According to Mr. Mahama, the NPP used lies into power but cannot use lies to govern and manage the country.

“You can lie your way into power but you cannot use lies to govern and manage the country.”

He said the NDC have always told the truth unlike the NPP who promised everything and delivers nothing.

“They are some people, he says it doesn’t matter what promise you make, you promise everything just to get political power but the point is you forget that when you get political power you cannot use those promises and lies to govern the country,” he said.


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