So I tell most people I have not been to a club or a late night pub in Wa and their first utterances are often “really dude?” Then I get to thinking, i mean what’s special about clubbing right, you’ve got to wonder what the special effect is that draws many there wasting what I’d say is precious sleep time. One guy tells me “bruh you are in your 20s you have got to live a little.” So I decide on a dudes night with a friend Musah Lansah.

If it were a movie there would have been some dramatic tune signaling the start of a rather eventful night.


I decide it’s time for me to like do thisIt’s a Saturday night in Wa, it’s pretty darn hot, you’d be thinking that the onset of harmattan would at least bring down the heat; or well maybe it’s the heat generated by the masses of people gyrating and grinding unashamedly on a dance floor. It’s almost 11 pm, the one thing you notice though is the way the waiters smartly dress are running around; mean literally running around. It’s a fun night lots teat, lots of drinks to buy, lots of young guys swaying to the tune of the songs not because they know how to dance; a little gossip, I think it’s the alcohol.

Now this is really not my scene, I am a movie, music night guy basically chilling in myboxersI’d say Netflix and chill but at my end don’t do Netflix although I do binge watch alot of series and movies and ‘if my money come aa a little sobolo’ and honestly that’s a fun night for me.

Back to my one night stand with the pub; you should have seen the craze when Patapaa‘s One Corner song hit the dance floorcoordinated caus I’d say. Dudes literally dry humping the speakers, and I mean if a lady could get pregnant dancing, I swear that lady with the frizzled hair in an African print would have been expecting twins by the end of the night.Then came Kwame Eugene’s Angela, mad tune if you ask me, dance floor turned karoke night; young, drunk, high and excited people singing along. Horrible voices though, nothing good to hear.

Then there was ‘oh oh oh busy body ee’ yeah the P Square tune, trust me on this people do remember the lyrics to songs… Enough with the songs.

Oh lest I forget, there are some guys you can see when you are looking for ladies to do sweet business with. You see them make your needs known and shake hands on it like you have just agreed on a multi-million dollar deal. It’s a gentleman’s agreement.

It was a nice place to be, a little loud, a little fast, a little hot for my liking.


Honestly I did enjoy this place, a pub playing some rock, rnb fused with dancehall. Quite a mellow atmosphere really‘working girls’ doing business with so much diplomacy it’s dare I say attractive.

A little gaming on the side which attracted a lot of guys who were feeling as high as thenight sky. The one thing I liked about this place was the up close and personal way peeps did their own thing here.

It’s a scene could get used, minus the alcohol, the working girls, the ‘not so cigarettes weird smelly leaves rolled in papers’ being smoked. P.S ‘I deny any knowledge knowing what those were.’


Ever been to a club in Accra? It’s like inspection in schoolCharlie they check your clothesand appearance before you gain an entry, here, it’s an easy pay and enter situation. It’s very loud with lot of dark places; which I guess is totally appropriate per the Constitution of a nightclub.

People in the dark, hands wandering in places that will be frowned upon during the day, red dots in the dark corners, a lot of bottles, a lot of excited young men thinking they might actually get lucky by the time they leave, flavored sweet smelling smoke rising through the air from the young lady doing the khebabs, young guys thinking it’s cool to show off their mad riding skills while drunk in close quarters, I mean the whole shebang.

The place has a slow barnot many people here are into ‘fore play’ I see, I guess it a club so it’s a drink ‘free dance-plenty zone.’ The dance floor is oddly spaced with a lot of empty to spots, too empty for a good dance floor, not packed, the dance was honestly pretty normal and modest, nothing weird or wild or crazy which makes ivery lame for a night club.

And there were a lot more guys than ladies, I mean like 10 guys to one lady which is a very mean ratio for a club, I mean where’s the fun???

Intriguing story though, guys bring the ladies around, pretend they don’t know them and hope and pray to God that some unsuspecting dude would pay for the lady to enter the premises; once the lady gains entry she vanishes into thin air and then hooks up with the guy she came with.

All in allit was a pretty fun night out, not wildly exciting as some people would have deemed it. It’s good to see things and experience them for yourself

Would i do this again? well maybe, definitely not for the purposes of having fun; but it’s definitely fun writing about these things.

Source: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith


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