No short cut to passing English language –Dr. Damascus Tuurosung Asserts

Dr Damasus Tuurosung

The Head of African and General Studies, University for Development Studies (UDS): Dr. Damasus Tuurosung has asserted that there is no short cut to passing English Language at the Senior High School Level.

Dr. Damasus Tuurosung speaking to Progress News in Wa bemoaned the poor performance of students at the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) this year.

He said “it’s a culmination of omissions and commissions on our part that leads to the dwindling performance. Omissions on the part of government, omissions on the part of students, omissions on the part of teachers, omissions on the part of those of us who manage these educational institutions. Commissions also on the part of mostly students. If you are a student, they are certain things you must do to pass exams.’’

He stated that students must prepare themselves adequately over a long period of time from the basic level through to the senior high school and build themselves slowly to master the language.

The provisional results released by WAEC indicated that 199,402 candidates which represents 31%, pass English Language.

Dr. Damasus Tuurosung called on students to develop the habit of reading books and listening to major news bulletins to learn.   

Dr. Damascus Tuurosung also called on government to stop the over politicization of educational policies in the country.

“Each stakeholder must play their role. In the particular case of government, we need to stop politicizing education.’’ He said all governments keep doing is campaign promises, populist promises and policies that will earn them votes.

Dr. Tuurosung said governments never think about policies that may be bitter tomorrow but yield the right results in the near future.

He said governments are over concentrating on quantity to the exclusion of quality in the educational system.

 He called for the strengthening of various state agencies responsible for education to carry their mandate.



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