NPP reacts to NDC’s Press Conference


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has reacted to a news conference held by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) accusing Saanbaye B. Kangbaree, the Upper West NPP chairman of making unsavory comments that threaten the life of the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Daffiama Busie Issa constituency.

The NPP regional communication officer, Bukari Ali in a press conference on Thursday 17th October 2019 said the NDC’s press conference was intended to mislead the public, readers and listeners.

Here is a copy of the full statement


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.  We thank you all for honoring our invitation at short notice.  We have invited you here to respond to a press conference signed and read on the 14th of October 2019, by Puo-ire Prosper the Regional Communication Officer of the NDC.  The said Press Conference sought to misinform right thinking members of the public, hence the need for this response.

In that press statement, Prosper Puo-ire alleges that, the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B Kangberee was plotting to kill the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Daffiama Bussie Issah Constituency.  In that same press statement, it was said that, the said communication regarding the plot was intercepted when the NPP Regional Chairman granted an interview to a journalist from Home Radio in Wa.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, we would respectfully like to point to a few inaccuracies and untruths put out there to deliberately misinform the public as well as cause animosity and disaffection amongst loving brothers and leave the rest for the good people, readers and listeners to judge for themselves.

1 The use of the word “intercept” by Mr. Puo-ire Prosper was intended to mis-lead the public, readers and listeners.  From the tape recording available to us regarding the said communication, it is obvious that, the Chairman was addressing the press in the open and in the full glare of the public.  It was not a secret communication or recording destined for any particular place so as to be intercepted.  The simple question is how Mr. Puo-ire and his cohorts, expect anybody to believe that, a secret agenda to murder anyone will be announced or disclosed to the public through the radio?

2 The second point is the inability of Mr. Puo-ire to quote directly any word or statement from the tape to prove that, the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B. Kangberee was plotting to kill the incumbent Member of Parliament, except to say that it was an “insinuation”.  In other words, it is their own twisted interpretation of the words used by the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B Kangberee, intended to cause confusion and disaffection amongst a people living in peace.  The question then is, how can Mr. Puo-ire prove a plot to murder someone with “insinuation” as evidence in any court of law?

3 The third and most important point is that, the constitution, 1992 and the laws of Ghana enjoin any law abiding citizen of this country to report any crime or suspected criminal activity to the law enforcement agencies.  In fact, anyone who tries to cover up or shield crime or a criminal, himself falls foul of the law.  So to say that, the NPP Regional Chairman is involved in a conspiracy to murder someone is to say that he is involved in a criminal conduct.  So if Mr. Puo-ire has the facts or any shred of evidence, we expect them to make a report to the police with the available evidence, so that the Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B Kangberee could be arrested and prosecuted instead of their usual scare crowing.  Failing so to do, means they are either lying to the good people of this society for their own parochial political interest or they themselves are complicit in the crime, if any.

4 Again, we have taken notice of their strenuous effort to link the tragic death of the late chairman of the Dafiama Busie Issa Constituency, Richard Puolabong to the current issue at hand, implying as they have said before, that the NPP Regional Chairman was responsible for the murder of the said Chairman.  It is surprising how this keeps coming back, where the leadership of the NDC and the person who allegedly made those unfortunate statements came out to distance himself from that statement and an apology was rendered.  Let it be stated again, for emphasis, that, at the time of the murder of Mr. Richard Puolabong, Mr. S.B. Kangberee was outside Ghana and could not have played any role in the murder of the Chairman.  It is therefore clear that, Mr. Puo-ire and his cohorts, are again crying wolf when non-exists.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Puo-ire and his cohorts demand for an apology and retraction of what the NPP Chairman, Mr. S.B. Kangberee said to the press is uncalled for, as no wrong has been done.  If anything at all, it is Mr. Puo-ire and his colleagues who owe the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B. Kangberee, the NPP and the general public an unqualified apology, for continuously and repeatedly lying to the public and trying to distabilise the peace we all enjoy in the Region today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the records, let it be stated that, the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. S.B. Kangberee was responding to a specific question posed by the press in a public forum and in the midst of hundreds of people.  What he said was a call for unity of purpose amongst party members and to rally behind the parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party for the Dafiama Busie Issa constituency, Hon. Imoro Sanda who emerged victorious after the primaries.  He indicated that, it didn’t matter who won or who lost, but that, winning the seat was more important than the person who sits on the seat as a parliamentary candidate.  That it is not a particular person per se, that we should focus on, since any human being could take ill or even die at any time.  He further stated that, whether the parliamentary candidate elect was his preferred candidate or not, every true party person should rally behind Hon. Imoro Sanda to enable him win the seat for the party.

This Ladies and Gentlemen in essence, is what the Chairman put across to his party people and it is our hope and expectation that, all opened minded and right-thinking  Ghanaians, particularly the good people of the upper west region will see it as such.

We would like to end, Ladies and Gentlemen by re-emphasizing that, nobody in his right senses will announce to the world through radio of his intension or plot to murder anybody.  And so, for Puo-ire and the NDC to expect the public to believe in their twisted story smacks of hypocrisy and a blatant insult to the intelligence of the people of Ghana.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we will like to use this opportunity to thank our visionary president and the NPP government for the introduction of practical and innovative policies and programmes, such as planting for food and jobs, free senior high school, massive and unprecedented employment of the youth, one village one dam and a host of other pro-poor programmes.

We thank you for coming and may God bless us all.

Thank you

Bukari Ali

Regional Communication Dir -NPP

Upper West Region.


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