After having won the parliamentary primaries on the ticket of the NDC of Wa West constituency, you seem to be deluded in your conviction that the parliamentary seat for the constituency was a fait accompli, hence your grand ambition now is to be among the first set of cabinet appointees in a future NDC government in the unlikely event that your candidate, former president Mahama wins the 2020 elections.

In your desperation to accomplish this your nihilistic objective, you have resorted to churning out half-truths, self-contradictory statements and blatant lies in a bit to enlist the favours of your paymasters. You seem to have the notion that the Wa West Constituency is populated with illiterates and half-baked literates who are so gullible that they can accept any falsehood you peddle hook nail and sinker. Honourable Yieli Chireh whom you denigrated so much in the lead up to your primaries, never went the tangent you’ve chosen to embark on, yet he is in his fourth term in Parliament. He also held two high profile cabinet portfolios i.e. Local Government and Health Ministries when NDC was in power. I shall proceed to deal with some of the outlandish assertions you raised in your epistles.

  1. “Upper Westerners shall forever be grateful to Rawlings for the creation of the region, constructing the Bamboi Bridge, extending national grid and telephone lines”.

The creation of the Upper West Region was the brainchild of Wanaa Sidiki Bomi II (late) and extant military head of state, late General IK Acheampong. The burning desire to have Wa and its neighboring communities split from the then Upper Region, necessitated him (Wanaa) to build a strong personal relationship with the head of state, whom he persistently prevailed on to split the region. During one of his numerous visits to Wa, a grand durbar of chiefs and people was organized in his honour. The venue was the present grounds of the Regional Coordinating Council and the ministries, a place which was then a football park. It was at this historic rally that the head of state announced his willingness and preparedness to grant the request of the people for a separate region, assuring them that plans were far advanced towards that goal. He was later presented with a white horse as mark of gratitude. He kept faith with the people by ensuring the building of the present day RCC and other state institutions currently in use. He went further to appoint a head of civil service then designated Permanent Secretary as well as head of internal security- An Assistant Commissioner of Police. Unfortunately, Gen Acheampong could not put the icing on the cake as he was overthrown in a palace coup in 1978.

  1. On the construction of the Bamboi Bridge you either out of ignorance or an attempt to gain undeserved political favours told a blatant lie. As stated earlier, Gen Acheampong on several occasions expressed grave concern about the harrowing experience of travelers from this part of the country to the south with the crossing of the Black Volta at Bomboi as a case in point. He subsequently charged his commissioner for works and housing, who incidentally was our own brother and father, Major Yirimanbo who hails from Gbache in Wa West to see to the construction of the Bamboi Bridge. Our dynamic brother discharged this feat to the relief of everybody. Other legacies left by late Acheampong include low cost houses scattered all over the country including Wa and a stadium in every District of the country. With all these and many more projects to his credit in the country, what was the fate of this affable workaholic head of state? He was painfully murdered in cold blood by your mentor, JJ Rawlings. Ghanaians are yet to be told the crime(s) committed by this man to warrant his death.
  2. Shortly after president Dr. Hilla Liman was sworn into office, in one of his media encounters, he did not mince words in stating that his motivation for venturing into politics was for the sake of his part of the country which he said had been neglected by previous regimes, and he was therefore determined to bridge the developmental gap. About a year or so into office a delegation of eminent people from the Upper West paid a courtesy call on him. The main agenda was the declaration of the unfinished work of late Acheampong. He welcomed their proposal but pleaded with them to give him time since it was a constitutional matter. Unfortunately, a little over two years in office, the first democratically elected Executive President to have hailed from Upper West was toppled by no other than your mentor, for no justifiable reason either than the lust for power and egocentricism. For having tasted power for only four months (June – September 1979) Rawlings could not just let power slip from him for good. As a matter of fact (and this is on record) the very day Rawlings was handing over the scroll of office to the incoming president Hilla Limann he unconsciously prompted the world that he would come back. This was eloquently captured by an extant daily newspaper which went by the name “The Punch”. He would later tell the nation that the government of Dr. Limann was on probation. This reckless statement was roundly condemned by the founder of the ruling party, late Alhaji Imori Igala. Those who know these facts but continue to twist the historical narrative are doing it for political expediency, and this is quite unfortunate. It must be noted that Rawlings cited corruption as the main reason for the overthrow of the young government of Dr. Liman – a criminal act which he coined “revolution”. Ironically, our brother and father who was once the Executive President and Commander In Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces died in penury. Rawlings on the other hand had his children educated in elite schools in Europe, with some of his die-hard supporters becoming double-salary earners in Ghana’s present day Parliament – a revolution indeed!
  3. Based on the above historical facts, the average Upper Westerner, rather than eulogizing your  mentor, should rather be bitter with him for killing the man who did so much for us and more importantly for overthrowing our brother and father from the highest office of the land for no just cause.

I shall be back



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