Pursuant to article 18 of their party constitution,  the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has issued guideline for the conduct of its regional executive elections.

Below is the guidelines…

  1. A Regional Party Conference shall be held in each region of Ghana at least two weeks before the National Congress at a venue within the region.
  2. The Regional Party may hold its conference if two-thirds of constituencies in the region have held conferences. The Regional Party Conference shall be convened by the Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee in consultation with the Regional Executive Committee.

III. Where the Chairman fails to convene a Regional Party Conference, the General Secretary shall direct the convening of the Conference, giving the venue, time, and agenda.


  1. The following persons shall attend and vote at a Regional Party Conference:
  2. Each member of the Constituency Executive Committee from each constituency in the region;
  1. A member of Parliament from the region;
  • A member of the National Executive Committee who hails from the Region;
  1. Each member of the Regional Executive Committee, both elected and co-opted;
  2. Each founding member of the Party who hails from the region;
  3. Each member of the National and Regional Council of Elders who hails from the region;
  • Five (5) representatives of (TEIN) Tertiary Educational Institutions Network in the region, at least two who shall be women;
  • A former Minister and Deputy Former Minister who are members of the Party and who hails from the region;
  1. A former member of Parliament who is a member of the party and who hails from the region;
  2. A former Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executive who is a member of the Party and who hails from the region;
  3. A former member of the Council of State who is a member of the Party and who hails from the region;
  • A former Presidential Staffer who is a member of the Party and who hails from the region.
  1. The Regional Party Conference shall:
  1. Review the activities of the party in the region and plan for the party generally in the region;
  2. Elect members of the Regional Executive Committee under clause 2 of article 19; and



  1. The following members of the Regional Executive Committee shall be elected by the Regional Party Conference:
  2. Chairman;
  3. Two Vice-Chairman;
  • Secretary;
  1. Deputy Secretary;
  2. Treasurer;
  3. Deputy Treasurer;
  • Regional Party Organiser;
  • Deputy Regional Party Organiser;
  1. Regional Communication Officer;
  2. Deputy Regional Communication Officer
  3. Regional Zongo Caucus Co-ordinator;



It should be that the Zongo Caucus Co-ordinator shall be elected by the same delegates to the conference in the same roll that the executives are to be elected. There will be no separate conference for the election of Zongo Caucus Co-coordinators.

  1. The following members of the Regional Executive Committee shall be elected by their respective organs:
  2. Regional Youth Organizer;
  3. Two Deputy Regional Youth Organizers;

iii. Regional Women Organizer; and

  1. Deputy Regional Women Organizers Two(2);


  1. The following shall attend and vote at the Regional Youth conference:
  2. Regional Youth Organizer;
  3. Deputy Regional Youth Organizer;
  • Every Constituency Youth Organizer in the region;
  1. Every Deputy Constituency Youth Organizer in the region;
  2. One representative from each Constituency Youth Wing in the region.
  3. TEIN President from each of the TEIN accredited institution in the Region.
  1. The following shall attend and vote at the Regional Women Conference:
  2. Regional Women Organizer
  3. Deputy Regional Women Organizers
  • Every Constituency Women Organizer in the region
  1. Every Deputy Constituency Women Organizer in the region
  2. One Woman Commissioner from each TEIN accredited institution in the region
  3. Women members of Parliament from the region
  2. An aspirant for any position as a member of the Regional Executive Committee, in addition to meeting all the provisions under Articles 8 (2) and 40 (1) a-f of the NDC constitution,
  3. Must be a registered party member within the region in which he is seeking to contest the election.
  • Must be an active member of the party for the past four (4) years.
  1. Must be a member of good standing who has paid dues from January 2017 –June 2018.
  2. Must be a registered voter in the region.
  3. A Constituency Executive who is desirous of contesting Regional Executive positions must resign his or her position two clear months before opening of nominations.
  2. The announcement for convening the Regional Party Conference shall include the opening and closing dates for nomination, guided by the overall national calendar.
  3. Aspirants shall purchase nomination forms at a cost of GH₵150.00 from the regional secretariat of the party.
  • Completed nomination forms, which shall be filled in triplicate, shall be returned to the designated officer together with proof of payment of filing fees, on 23rd or 24th July, 2018 and it shall be received by the designated officer who shall issue a receipt.
    1. Chairman                               GH₵3000.00
    2. Vice Chairman                       GH₵2000.00
    3. Secretary                                GH₵ 2000.00
    4. Organizer                               GH₵ 2000.00
    5. Treasurer                                GH₵ 2000.00
    6. Woman Organizer                  GH₵ 1500.00
    7. Youth Organizer                     GH₵ 1500.00
    8. Communication Officer          GH₵ 2000.00
    9. Zongo Caucus Coordinator     GH ₵ 1500.00
    10. All Other Deputies                   GH₵ 1000.00

Filing fees to paid into the following account:

Account name        :      National Democratic Congress

Bank Name            :      GCB Bank

Account Branch     :     Accra New Town

Account Number   :      1181130011568

  2. An aspirant shall be proposed by one person and seconded by three (3) persons who shall be current or former constituency executive committee members of good standing or current/former Regional and National Executive Committee members who are of good standing or former NDC government Appointees who are members of the party and are in good standing.
  3. An aspirant shall  be endorsed by at least fifty (50) members of the party in good standing within the region who shall come from  at least one third of the constituencies in the region.(responsibility of the aspirant to confirm status of endorsers)
  • No member can propose, second or endorse more than one aspirant. It shall be an offence for any member of the party to propose, second or endorse more than one person.
  1. For purpose of these elections, a person of good standing, other than an aspirant for executive positions is defined as one who has paid his or her dues from January 2018 to July 2018.For the avoidance of doubt proposers, seconders and endorsers are required to pay their dues from January 2018 to July 2018, whilst aspirants are to pay their dues from January 2017 to July 2018.
  2. Aspirants are to submit their nomination forms with four post-card size passport pictured, with their full names and positions contesting boldly written at the back.
  2. There shall be a 5-member vetting committee made up as follows:
  3. Member of NEC
  4. Member from Elections Directorate
  5. Member from the Legal Committee
  6.    Nominee from the women wing
  7.    One other person who is not a member of the REC.
  8. The vetting committee shall communicate its conclusions to each aspirant and copy the FEC.

iii. Qualified aspirants shall ballot for positions on the ballot paper immediately after the vetting process.

  1. Any aspirant who is dissatisfied with the outcome of his or her vetting shall have the right to appeal to the Functional Executive Committee in writing within two (2) days. The FEC shall make a determination on the matter.
  2. For purposes of making a determination under clause (iv) above, the FEC shall constitute an Appeals Committee made up of the following:
  3. A member of the Council of Elders
  4. A member of the Legal Committee of the party
  5. A woman
  7. There shall be an Electoral Committee of five (5) to be constituted by REC with the approval of FEC to oversee all the necessary administrative requirements/duties relating to the elections prior to conference. The Committee shall include a member of the Elections Directorate and at least one woman.
  8. The Electoral Committee shall also oversee the Youth and Women Conferences.

iii. Members of the Electoral Committee are not eligible to contest in the election.

  2. The election shall be conducted by the Electoral Commission under the supervision of the party.
  3. An aspirant with simple majority after counting of valid votes cast shall be declared elected. Where only one person files and is successful at vetting he or she shall be declared as duly elected by conference.
  5. Voting shall be by secret ballot and conducted in a free and fair atmosphere.
  6. For purpose of voting for regional vice-chairman, deputy youth organizer and deputy woman organizer each voter shall be entitled to vote for one contestant in the elections.
  7. There may be proxy voting. Any delegate desirous of exercising this right shall apply to the Electoral Committee of the party in writing, stating his/her details and the particulars of the person nominated to exercise the proxy, except that the nominated person to exercise the proxy must be a delegate to the conference and has not been nominated by another person to exercise a proxy already (a delegate is entitled to only one proxy)

iii. Proxies shall be lodged with the Electoral Committee of the party at least 72 hours prior to voting

  1. Sorting and counting of ballot shall be done in the open immediately after close of polls and the winner shall be declared after the count of valid votes.
  2. Aspirants shall be provided with PDF copy of delegate list after paying the accepted fee.

The Regional Party Conference shall be supervised by a representative of the National Executive Committee.

  2. Aspirants are not allowed to mount billboards throughout the campaign periods.
  3. Aspirants are only entitled to two banners (size 4*6) at the conference grounds.
  4. No aspirants shall post more than twenty (20) posters at the conference grounds.
  5. Aspirants must desist from personal attacks on each other on any platform.
  6. Any aspirants who violates these regulations shall be disqualified.



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