Sadugu and Article 19 and 25 of FIFA Codes of Ethics


The chairman of the Upper West Regional football Association Alhaji Sadugu Yahaya has been lashed out by some football people and sports casters for abusing his office during his almost 14 years in office as the Upper West Regional Football Chairman.


Speaking to some football people and sports casters in the region, they accused the chairman of breaching the FIFA code of ethics 2019 Edition article 19 and article 25 and non performance during his stay as the chairman of the association.


The claims came about after the former U-20 management committee chairman used his Personal Company by name Biyad Gas Company limited to headline the regional Division two league for two seasons.


The 2016/17 Upper West division two league was sponsored by Biyad Gas company limited and the league was christened Biyad Gas division two league


Article 19 talks about conflict of interest which states that a person bound by this code shall not perform their duties in situations where a potential conflict of interest might arise.


A conflict of interest arises where a person bound by this code appears to have secondary interests that affect his ability to perform his roles with integrity.


Secondary interests include but not limited to gaining any possible advantage for persons bound by this code themselves or related parties.


Article 25 also talks about Abuse of position, whereas persons bound by this code shall not abuse their position in anyway, especially to take advantage of their position for personal gains or aims.


They called on the Federation of International Football Association and the GFA Normalization committee to do a far reaching investigation into the matter as the Upper West Football Mugabi files his nomination to contest for another term


Some argued that, once his God father, the former Ghana Football Association Capo, Kwasi Nyantakyi has been interdicted for corrupt practices, his time may be over insisting that the Upper West Regional football chairman was part of the rot and should not be again voted to rule the region.


Alhaj Sadugu Yahaya will be contested by his former Vice chairman, retired referee Dejeng Naa Seidu Bomison and it is expected to go down in history.


Filing of nomination forms ends at 4pm on Friday and aspirants will subsequently be subjected to integrity check.


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