School Girls Abandon Classes for Shea nut Picking in Jolinyiri


A teacher at Jolunyiri Junior High School in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district of the Upper West Region, Mr Kabiebayor Aliu Kassim said attendance of girls in the school is always low during sheanuts picking season and other crops harvesting time in the community.

He intimated that the absenteeism of girls in the school is serious this year because of the abundance of the fruits and many women are competing for a good harvest.

Mr. Kabiebayor who teaches English was talking to Radio Progress on the sidelines of the visit by the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District Chief Executive, Nadi Imoro Sanda to the community to celebrate Eid-ul-fitr with Muslims.

A parent, Madam Hawa Abudu who has daughters in the school corroborated the teacher’s assertion adding that the girls do that in order to get money to buy dresses for festive occasions or use the money to support the mother to buy foodstuff.

Madam Hawa said the lack of borehole in the school is also affecting the pupils’ education particularly those in Kindergarten.

She said many a time they run home to drink water and refuse to go back. She also said another disturbing situation in the school is the pupils fetching water and firewood for the caterer of the school feeding program in the school.

She said that should be the responsibility of the cooks once they are paid for that service.

Madam Hawa said with all these services the pupils render to the cooks they get only a ladle full of the food which is woefully insufficient to sustain the pupils in school.



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