Significance PRUMAS Glued to Upper West

Ayiribie blinkx

Radio Progress 98.1 Mhz is the oldest and first ever Radio Station in the Upper West Region transmitting on 98.1 MHz, Wa.

The station has therefore been known as the source of credible information and news as well as educational programs.

The station has helped and still helping in Nation building as far as Upper West is concerned.

Upon all the above mentioned the station didn’t left out Upper West Music too. They play 90% percent of Upper West Music on their platform to help sell the musical craft of the region.

They’ve also given almost all the Artist in Upper West Region the chance to their studios to sell the crafts they possessed.  These are few of our Music side.

They now used their money ,sit and planned how to aid the Upper West Music industry to grow to the fullest, suddenly they came out with #PRUMAS.

Now these are what our Music industry has/will achieves as the intervention of PRUMAS.

  1. Owning vehicle/household gadgets.

With this you are hundred percent sure of owning some items paid by the scheme and sponsors which will be awarded to you as the hard work recognized from your craft.

  1. PRUMAS has kept pressure on our Artist to work hard and produce good music which are to develop, educate and inspire our daily activities.
  2. PRUMAS has brought a good competitive among our Musicians leading to active industry always.
  3. PRUMAS has changed a lot of our Musicians life and has participated in their brands building.

These are just a few.

My plead to those criticizing the credibility of the awards should rather encourage people to respect and patronize the scheme.

They’ve really improved massively in this year’s edition.

That’s what we have in our region so let’s support it.

Some people are complaining of their gate fee which is 30gh.

It’s normal. People pay 700gh for awards but they don’t complain so let’s support.

I love this year’s plaque.

Ayiribie blinkx ✍️

PRUMAS worldwide


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