Municipal Chief Executive for Sissala East has charged the chief of Chinchang to support the Assembly quest to end open defecation in the area. Sissala East Municipality has being initiating policies and implementing action to deter people from emptying their bowels in the open but residents has not yet put a stop to the behavior.

Hon Karim Nanyua noted that, open defecation has being one of the biggest challenge confronting the Assembly, which he called on the chief to support with ideas and might to ensure the Assembly win the fight against the canker.

“when you come to the sissala land one of the problem we are facing has to do with open defecation, am pleading on you to use your revered stool to support us with your ideas and might to fight against open defecation, it is my hope that next year by this time no one would be caught defecating outside”

In addition to the fight against open defecation, the municipal chief also He called on the Chief to support the Assembly to mobilize revenue that would help them undertake development project for the benefit of the community.

He noted that, the chief have enumerated some development needs of the community, he said the Assembly would be unable to honour such project due to inadequate revenue collection.

This he called on the chief to support the Assembly through the area council to mobilize enough revenue.

He noted that, in the Sissala area there are lots of cattle owners but just handful of them pay the cattle rate, he said it is only the Fulani descendant that are able to pay their levy which he mentioned was not the best and called for a change in attitudes towards the payment of the levy.


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