The ordeal of rural assembly members in Ghana


The ordeal the rural assembly members go through in Ghana is something one cannot underestimate.  However past and present governments and policy makers seems not to appreciate this. They only recognize assembly members when they stand to benefit from their sweat.

In this 21st century, I think they should relook the local governance act. It appears the assembly member who is the basic unit of governance is downplayed with regards the key and critical role they play when it comes to the socioeconomic development of this nation. It is therefore not surprising that these honorable members are overlooked.

What is even unfortunate is that members of Parliament who should know better and understand the role of the these poor local representative and pass a law to either include the assembly members in the article 71 office holders or get them a budget allocation from the consolidated fund to enables them carry on their work properly considering the nature of their activities have failed abysmally in this regard.

One can’t also overlook the stress these venerable assembly members go through in their cause of duty. For instance most of these poor assembly member don’t stay at their respective communities, but when called upon to visit the area, nobody provide them with either fuel or T&T where as the President, Vice President, ministers, members of Parliament, MMDCES and officials from the various departments are given T&T. Is this not social injustice?

Under this score, government should as matter of urgency amend the local governance act to include better remuneration to venerable assembly members.


Written By Hon Edward Dordang Kankpi, Assembly Member Duong, Nadowli-Kaleo.


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