U/W: Construct a bridge between Old and new Nyinbali- Residents to Government


Residents, Workers and students at Nyinbali under the Samatigu Electoral area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West region have called on government through the Nadowli-Kaleo district assembly to rescue lives from the community by constructing a steel metal bridge at a valley on the road that divides old and new Nyinbali.

According to them, they have been in the situation over some years now without any support upon several appeals made to the Nadowli/Kaleo District Assembly.

“We are really suffering with this problem for sometime now because children can’t go to school when it’s raining, and we can’t seek health care due to the lack of bridge to link the area to adjourning communities” a resident said.

They lamented on how pregnant women struggle to attend antenatal care services during the raining season putting their lives in danger when they are in labour.

Speaking to Progress news Nurses and teachers in the community  expressed the difficulties they go through to render services to the residents and school children and called for immediate intervention from government through the district assembly to rescue people lives in these Communities.

One of the Nurses Kyaakyele Benedicta who spoke to Radio Progress on behalf of her In-charge Margaret Efua Donkor  when she was met at the scene struggling to cross the valley to deliver health care to the people in the community  said health workers and residents risk losing their lives if the bridge is not fixed for easy access during the raining season.

Story by: Kyi-ere Bombe Romanus



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