Update on NDC Presidential Primaries


1.The Presidential Primaries is scheduled to take place at all the Constituenncy Centres on 23rd February, 2019.

2. A Constituency Centre shall have at least 1 polling station if it has a total delegates list not in excess of 1000 voters. For those in excess of 1000 voters, an additional Polling station will be created at the same centre to ease and speed up voting.

3. Every Presidential aspirant is entitled to present one agent each to a polling station.

4. A special arrangement is being considered for areas under curfew.

5. Every delegate is expected to go to voting Centre with either the Voter ID card or Membership Card for identification. In case of missing voter ID Cards and or Membership Card, the Branch Register or identification by colleague executives at the branch may come in handy. To this all branch Registers are to be lodged with either the Constituency Election Director under the Constituency Secretariat headed by the Secretary.

Creation of 4 New Directorates
Q5. NEC on Thursday, 14th February, 2019 gave approval to FEC for the creation of 4 New Directorate of the party. They are to run across all party structures as appropriate. They include:
i) The Legal Directorate. To be headed by the Director of Legal Services.
ii) The IT Directorate. To be headed by a director.
iii) The Directorate of Security and Intelligence. It will also be headed by a Director.
iv) The Directorate of Special Services. To be headed by the Director of Special Services.

New Guidelines to Regulate Party wings

6. The Youth, Women and Zongo Caucus, being wings of the party have been tasked to form working committees. These working committees shall be formed based on approved guideline to be drafted. Consequently the various wings of the party are adviced to suspend the formation and inauguration of the Wings working committees until the regulations or guidelines are finalised.

7. A new External Auditor has been approved by NEC pending Ratification by Congress to audit the Accounts of the party in accordance with Laws and Regulations guiding the functions of Political parties.

8. The EC shall also be undertaking a nationwide visits to Constituency Party Office to ascertain their existence and workings as requires by Law.

8. The Party has appointed Dr Benjamin B. Kumbuor as the party’s representative to the EC committee tasked to investigate the modalities for the implementation of the Representation of the People Act as amended. Consequently the EC Committee has been meeting. The party’s position on ROPAA however is that Every Ghanaian Everywhere should be given the opportunity to vote or else only Ghanaian in Ghana should vote in both Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

9. NEC Resolved that there shall be Regional Executive elections to select executives to vacant positions created as a result of the creation of New Regions.
This will be done by first realigning officers in the old Regions to the exact positions they occupy in the new Regions if they so desire to opt for it. The Remaining vacancies in the Regions are declared and Regional Elections held to fill the vacancies created as a result of the realignment. This shall be done later in the course of the year.


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