Upper West Regional Hospital runs out of Anti snake venom


The Upper West Regional Hospital in Wa has run out of anti-snake venom (ASV).The ASV is the only effective antidote for snake venom. It is a potent medication used for the treatment of snake bites and doctors have explained that its absence reduces the chances of survival of victims of snake bite.

This was revealed during an Exclusive interview with Mrs. Eunice Kpienkuri, Public Health Nurse confirmed to Radio Progress that the facility had operated for some time now without the medicine.snake Upper West Regional Hospital runs out of Anti snake venom

According to her the medicine has been in short supply nationwide and the case of the Upper West Regional hospital got worse as the little supply in the regional medical store got finished in the last quarter of 2018.

She intimated that unlike other medicines, anti snake medicines are to be handled under a cold temperature and so cannot be given to health facilities that do not have a constant supply of electricity.

She revealed that the region recorded over 424 reported cases of snake bite in 2018.

She advised residents to clear their environment of bushes that may provide hiding places for reptiles.


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