Wa West DCE express surprise over World Food Program constructing about 100 dugouts in the district without the Assembly’s knowledge


The District Chief Executive for Wa West District Honorable Edward  Laabiir Sabo, has expressed surprise over comments from Clemence Tamakloe a representative from the world food program indicating that the organisation had constructed about 100 dugouts in the district of which the assembly was not aware of.

He said development partners in the District must liaise and consult the Assembly before initiating and implementing various projects in the district.

He therefore called on community members to reject projects from developmental partners of which the Assembly was not aware of.

Hon. Edward Laabiir Sabo said there is the need for collaboration and coordinating efforts of development partners.

The world Food program revealed that it supported the Wa West District through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to construct hundred dugs outs in various communities from 2010 to 2016 to boost agricultural productivity in the area.

The World Food Program Representative Clemence Tamakloe made this known in Wechiau during a public forum on the 2018-2021 District Medium Term development plans for the district.

Clemence Tamakloe also sort to find out whether government could absorb and desilt the dug outs to be part of the one village one dam program in the district.

He also called on the Wa West District assembly through MOFA to take charge and enhance a fish pond constructed in Gbache to improve the nutritional status of the people in the area.


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