Water aid calls on Government to prioritize hand washing promotion to save lives


Water aid Ghana a non-governmental Organization working in 34 countries since 1981 to change the lives of the poorest and most marginalized has called on government to prioritize hand washing promotion alongside water and sanitation to save lives.

The organization also urged government to prioritize hygiene promotion programmes, focused on changing behavior in the long term and ensure that all health care facilities especially where women give birth have access to adequate water, sanitation and hygienic facilities.

According to Water Aid, an estimated 4,000 children under five in Ghana die each year of diarrhea diseases directly caused by dirty water, poor sanitation and the inability to wash hands with soap.

It said another 151 million children around the world have had their growth and development stunted by under nutrition in which chronic infection and intestinal worms are a major factor.

The Communication and Campaign Officer for Water Aid Ghana Yvonne Kafui Nyaku made this known in a press statement copied to Radio Progress on the occasion of the Global Hand Washing day celebration.

She said globally only one in every five people washes their hands after going to the toilet and if those people then go on to consume food or prepares it for others, the risk of contamination and diarrhea sickness significantly increases.

Speaking to Progress News Madam Yvonne Kafui Nyaku called on all in the Upper West Region to embrace hand washing with soap to help keep food safe, prevent diseases and help children to be able to grow strong and healthy.

The WASH Project Manager for Pronet North, Madam Emma Kpeno also speaking entreated all in the region to learn how to wash their hands under running water with soap and create hand washing points in their homes and at community forums to ensure people live healthy lives. She said people will be proud of themselves when they live healthy lives.


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