Water Aid Ghana Call for Comprehensive Hand Washing


Campaign and Communications Officer for Water Aid Ghana, Accra Branch, Madam Kafui Nyaku has called for comprehensive hand washing in communities, schools and work places.

Comprehensive Hand Washing is one of the most important factors in controlling the spread of micro-organisms and in preventing the development of infections.

800 children under five die every day from diarrhea caused by unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

Globally, 156 million children under five are stunted and 50 million are wasted because they do not have adequate WASH facilities and behaviors.

Madam Kafui speaking at Boli, in the Wa municipality of the Upper West Region to mark this year’s Global Hand Washing Day mentioned that 29% of health facilities in Ghana have no access to clean water for staffs and patients to wash their hands to prevent infections between patients and staffs in the various health centres.

one Water Aid Ghana Call for Comprehensive Hand Washing one Water Aid Ghana Call for Comprehensive Hand Washing

Goal 6, target 6.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030.

She said hand washing is not for a particular group of people alone whether poor or rich, everybody needs to practice proper hand washing with soap and under running water.

She called on government to make Water available in all communities and work places to promote hand washing in Ghana. She said hand washing prevent 49% of people from getting infections.

The Development Planning Officer for Wa municipal Assemnly, Mr. Yango K. Crispin on behalf of the MCE Issahaque Tahiru Moomin commended Water Aid Ghana for their contribution towards the development of the Upper West Region particularly the Wa municipality with sensitization programmes on hand washing for people in the Wa municipality.

He indicated that the assembly is making all efforts to change the current poor sanitation situation in the municipality to make everybody healthy.

The assembly man for Boli Electoral Area, Mohammed Abdul- Safiu also on behalf of the chief of Boli, Naa Issahaque Mahama expressed gratitude to Water Aid Ghana for choosing Boli to mark the Global Hand Washing Day.

He appealed to the Wa municipal assembly and philanthropists to support the community by upgrading the Boli CHPS compound into a health center for quality health care delivery in the community.

one Water Aid Ghana Call for Comprehensive Hand Washing one Water Aid Ghana Call for Comprehensive Hand Washing


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