Water Resource Commission to Adopt Polluter Pays’ Principle to Protect Water Bodies


The Upper West Region branch of the Water Resources Commission is bent on adopting the Polluter Pays’ Principle to aid in the fight against water population and sanitation related problems which have remain a major canker in the region over the years.

The ‘polluter pays’ principle is the commonly accepted practice that those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it to prevent damage to human health or the environment. … This principle underpins most of the regulation of pollution affecting land, water and air.

Speaking on the Super Morning Drive on Thursday, the Basin Director for the Black Volta Basin under the Water Resource Commission Mr Joachim Ayiiwe Abungba hinted that his outfit would start prosecuting persons who deliberately throw waste into water sources which subsequently contaminate the major water bodies.

He observed that water pollution has been causing government millions of cedis to distil water sources in order to get clean water for the citizens.

According to him, residents in the region deliberately disposed off their waste materials into gutters and streams which contaminate the Black Volta and other water bodies around the region.

He noted that the commission as a state institution charged to protect our water bodies, would implement the Polluter Pays’ approach as stated by the President, Akufo-Addo during his state of the nation address.

He is also not happy with the way farmers and illegal miners destroy the water bodies and the environment with bad farming practices and urged them to inculcate the habit of good farming practices to save the environment from dilapidation.

Meanwhile, the regional water quality assurance manager Mr. Diekuu Cletus lamented that, the GWCL spent huge sum of money to treat water from the Jenbusi water plant for just 35% of their consumers within the Wa municipality.

He attributed this to the persistent pollution of the water sources and admonished residents to desist from the act.


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