Wechiau: Chief butcher appeal for renovation of slaughter house


The only slaughter house in Wechiau, the Wa West District capital is in a dilapidated state.

Several cobwebs were seen hanging on the walls with rusted wire mesh and broken louvre blades. Animals’ droppings with flies hovering on pieces of meat were seen when Radio Progress News team visited the slaughter house on Friday 31st August, 2019.

The slaughter house has no hanging room, no ceiling and the walls are covered by soothes with no electricity or water, a sign of years of neglect.

There is no sign that the slaughter house is under any supervision from the Area Council, but authorities of the Area Council collect tax on each cow slaughtered in the house every day.

Abdulai Nurideen, the chief butcher at the slaughterhouse who lamented the deplorable state of the facility noted that nothing has been done by successive administrations at the Area Council to improve the house since it was first opened to public use.

He said the deplorable state of the house has forced butchers to sell meat on tables at road sides and joints.

He appealed to the Wa West District Assembly to as a matter of urgency renovate the only slaughterhouse in Wechiau, the district capital.

The Assembly member for the Wechiua electoral area R Y Abduai Issahaku, the Assembly man for Wechiau electoral area told the news team that the deplorable state of the slaughterhouse has been reported to the Environmental Health Unit of the assembly but nothing concrete has been done or said about it.


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