One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being
governed by your inferiors- Plato
In our age there is no such thing as keeping out of politics. All issues are political
issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies , evasion, folly , hatred , character
assassination and personal vendetta. This clearly elucidate how politics has taken
off the human side of us as a result of we seeking to achieve self aggrandisement.
What has BIYAD, BOMISON and BABA PELE got under their sleeves as they have
crossed the first hurdle in their quest to lead football administration in the upper
west region. The vetting process may be apt and smooth sailing as non of the
candidates vying for this top position when through without any hiccups.
Congratulations to them and their various teams and this is an indication that their
credibilities are not in tatters.
Once upon a time , football administration was left in the hands of an individual
and who was perceived as a demi god, very untouchable and power addictive. A
dice has been cast on several occasions to challenge the suitability of the
incumbent but many out of lack of courage and fear declined the offer.

Mr. SADUGU YAHAYA BIYAD has been in office for the past decade and counting
but still believes his continuous stay in office is significant and relevant to the
course of the developmental agenda of football in the region. Many of his critics
are of the opinion that time has a arrived for a change and his admirers are of
different opinion by insisting that the nature of the office demands his calibre.
The incumbent Mr. Biyad will be constructing his campaign on the basis of he
been father for all clubs and his benevolence has touched the heart of every club
owner. The last few years under his stewardship has rekindled the rejuvenation of
division two league and that has resulted in many cultivating the desire to have
clubs on their own.
Football in general is capital intensive investment, and many club owners in the
region driven by passion and desired do not have the financial muscles to achieve
their ambition of propelling their clubs to desired levels.
This is a where his kindness and generosity come to bare as many club owners in
the region go to his office cup in hand soliciting for support for survival. The
continued support enjoyed by of the most clubs has resulted in he “pocketing”
most of the club owners and administrators. This has created an uphill task for
many in the past nursing their ambition to challenge him at the polls even find it
difficult to meet the basic requirement stipulated by the GFA regulations where
club owners are expected to endorse the candidature of an individual.
Football governance for the past thirteen years in the country has partially been in
the hands of the upper west region and this has created a lot of opportunities for
the chief football administrator in the region because Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi who is a
son of the soil and a godfather to Mr. Biyad has enjoyed tremendously support and
a helping hand of an invitation to vice chair and to chair the national U20 team .
This is one of the areas his critics filled he has failed the entire region of not
extending his support to others .
On what premises will Mr. Biyad toll down with his campaign massage and has his
more than a decade stay in office not much enough to achieve his desire ambition
for the region?.


Mr. HAMIDU SEIDU BOMISON Jnr is a household name in the region and beyond. A
retired FIFA referee has who contributed his quota to the region and the country
deemed it fit to challenge his former boss to the occupancy of the highest football
office in the region.
His candidature might not surprised many who are keen followers of how football
has been governed in the past with some section of the public calling for a change.
Mr.Bomison has a track record spanning over three decades of a clean bill of
officiating without been accused or accused with no evidence to substantiate your
claimed of he manipulating the outcome of a football match by accepting a goat or
cash in returns.
He has become a trainer , facilitator and a mentor to most and upcoming referees
in the country as sincerity and honesty are some of his trademarks because his
former profession has been painted black and corrupt by many football fans
backed in recent times by Number 12.
Many critics of Mr. BOMISON are seeking response to a perception that can he
and his team chronicle his eight stay as vice chairman to Mr. Biyad has success or
failure because a firm perception out there is brandishing Mr. Biyad tenure as the
RFA chief as a failure. And your response to this question is good as mine.

byad-1 WHAT HAS BIYAD , BOMISON AND BABA PELE GOT UNDER THEIR SLEEVESMr. Alhaji BABA PELE might sound relatively unknown to many but a significant
contributor to football and education in the region .He has a genesis of been an ex
footballer, who once upon time played for low tie teams in Winneaba but was
forced by his lecturers to truncate his football ambitions in persuade of his
academic work , a former regional P.E Coordinator and a teacher but on
retirement for some time now.
Mr Pele has contributed his quota to the formation of real upper ladies , the first
female team in the region to play the national league.
Mr . Pele might also have a lot to do because he is relatively unknown to many of
the recent clubs owners as he said is counting on the Almighty Allah to cause a
major surprise.
All the candidates involved in the electioneering process in their quest to lead
football administration in the region are expected of them to conduct their
campaign with civility devoid of religious and tribal sentiments as the global name
for football is unifyer.
The football community in the region are looking forward to their manifesto’s
and how clearly they will articulate their ideas of good governance when given
the mandate.
Naa Sulemana


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