Football from its genesis thrives on vibrant and unrelenting fan base and this is unique in many diverse ways as some football matches are won based on the unflinching support this ordinary fans furnished in during match days.

The desire of an individual fan to offer his or her support to a football club is based on numerous reasons culminating from the geographical location of the club, the brand of football the club plays, and the history of the club among several others.

The Upper West Region is blessed to have two elite football clubs, Wa AllStars and Suntaa SC in the premier league and division one respectively. The stake are very high for their teeming fans of these clubs to expect something well deserving from their clubs in terms of churning up goals and winning matches.

The fans of Suntaa SC are positive and optimistic but a bit skeptical about how far  their beloved club is going to fare on the rout to the premier league judging from the poor history of how division one teams  have fared over the years in the region.

Many  division one clubs that represent the region in the division one  league  over the years has brought nothing home to fathom and smile about but poor brand of football and inconsistency of results and the repercussions are very glaring for all and sundry to see as  relegation has always been pronounced on them at the end of the season.


The pleasant story of Suntaa SC qualification to the division one league, their apt preparation and their general composure has spoken volumes of them and many of their teeming fans intend to believe in them and are nurturing the hope that they have come to stay if not to pick the slot to the premier league in their first attempt.

One can’t begrudge them for this believe and their demands are not far -fetched but are possible and attainable.

The fans of Suntaa FC are not demanding qualification to the premier league or winning the FA Cup in the team’s maiden edition in second tier football but will be much delighted to have any  if it can  be attained.

On the wish lists of any ardent follower of Suntaa SC is to play quality brand of football to the merriment of the fans and put up a decent performance at home and on the road that can sustain them for future qualification.

Now it is the tenure of Wa AllStars to showcase to their fans what have under their sleeves this season. The fans are very much aware of how difficult it will be for the team to win the premier league with a relatively young team that is emerging from a building process.

Since the formation of Wa AllStars some 12 years ago,it has annexed all domestic silverwares with the exception of the FA Cup and the time is ripe for them to add the FA Cup to their trophy cabinet and this is one of the many wishes of the fans of the Northern Blues.

The demands of winning the league might be too much for Wa AllStars to contain this season but finishing in a respectable position might not be too much to achieve.

The fans of Wa AllStars and Suntaa SC are not demanding the moon from them but if the two coaches Alhaji Mumuni Sokpari and Kandumah Aziz John who are our “OWN” can proved the doubting Thomases wrong  and challenge themselves further by delivering some good brand of compelling football .

These are just some thoughts of some “ordinary ” football fans of Wa AllStars and Suntaa SC who had some dreams about how the season will look like for their beloved clubs  despite the fact that the season  is too young to draw permutations.Wa-Allstar1 WHAT THE “ORDINARY” FANS OF WA ALLSTARS AND SUNTAA SC EXPECT FROM THEM THIS SEASON.Wa-Allstar1 WHAT THE “ORDINARY” FANS OF WA ALLSTARS AND SUNTAA SC EXPECT FROM THEM THIS SEASON.


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